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Life Coaching – Terms and Conditions




Cancellation requires 24-hour notice.

Due to the fact that I arrange my schedule around planned sessions, all sessions have a “no refund” cancellation policy. If a scheduled session is cancelled with 24 hours’ notice, it may be rescheduled within the same Monday to Sunday week. Session may not be rescheduled after that week’s end. During most weeks, rescheduling will be possible.

If two sessions are cancelled without 24 hours’ notice, in order to continue working with the Life Coach, the client must sign up for a prepaid, long-term contract. Client will be notified after the second cancellation.

In the rare event of my needing to cancel a session, client has two options: another session may be scheduled, or the payment for the cancelled session may be refunded.




Clients who are not present within 15 minutes of the session’s scheduled starting time are considered “no show.” Payment is still required in the event of a no show. If a client arrives late for a session, that session will still conclude at the end of the appointed hour. If the client is aware that they will not be able to make a session they must call, email, or reschedule the session using our scheduling tools to avoid losing their payment due to “no show”.



The Life Coach bases her guidance and advice on her Masters in Project Management, other training courses, and over twenty years’ direct experience working with individuals, businesses, and in corporate environments. The Life Coach draws from what she has observed: which thoughts, techniques and actions have created success, and which have created failure.


The Life Coach is NOT a medical professional or licensed psychologist. For issues with medical or psychological gravitas, The Life Coach’s input is to be considered just that: input, rather than a medical or psychological diagnosis or directive. Before taking any action that could affect the client’s or family’s physical or psychological health, please consult with a medical professional. The Life Coach is not liable for the actions, behaviors, mental or emotional states of the clients that the works with.


Please have payment—check or credit card payment—available prior to the scheduled session. The client should be prepared to start the session with a payment.  Without payment the session will count as a cancellation (see “Cancellation Policy,” above.)


Hand meaning


One 30 minute Session  - $60 

course  sessions  

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Prayer Meditations



One 30 minute Session  -$60 

course  sessions

 Call for pricing

Charts Colors Codes

Angel release


One 30 minute Session - $60

course  sessions

Call for pricing

Spiritual Mantles 

Spiritual warfare


One 30 minute Session- $60 

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